Send Videos by Email or Text Message


From the MTM Videos Dashboard

We provide a unique platform from where you can send emails or text messages to your patients in three easy steps: (1) choose the videos you would like to send, (2) enter the name and email of your patient and (3) click the send button!

From Your Dispensing Software

The NDC numbers of over 8,000 drugs have been linked to the relevant MTM video by a group of pharmacists. This service allows you to automatically send the relevant patient education videos via email to your customers when a new prescription is filled.

From Your Website/Facebook Page

We provide you with all the tools necessary to add the list of videos to your pharmacy’s Facebook page and website. From there, visitors can send themselves health videos by email or text message and receive them via personalized email!

What will my customers receive?

Your patients will receive a personalized email with a link to a video page. By clicking the link, they will be redirected to a webpage where they can watch the videos related to their specific health condition or devices. In this page, you can add coupons to promote your pharmacy or services.

The page and email will be customize with your store information and logo. Please contact us to receive a demo email. 

Confidentiality of Patient Information

All information sent to MTM Videos remains confidential and shall not be used for any reason other than providing the service to you and your customers. Upon registration you will receive a signed Business Associate Agreement outlining our commitment to confidentiality.