Add videos to your Website and Facebook page

To embed the videos on your Facebook page, please follow these instructions: 1) Make sure you are logged into an account that has administrative rights to the store’s Facebook page 2) From the store’s Facebook Page, select Settings at the very top of the page 3) Select Page Roles in the left menu 4) Specify an email address in the space provided. Please enter: 5) Beneath the email address, change the role from “Editor” to “Admin”. Once Admin is selected, click Save. We configure the page for you! Once you have given us administrative access to your Facebook page, we will automatically receive an email notifying us of your request. The Health Videos link will appear on your Facebook page within 10 days following your request via Facebook.
All you need to do is send us the name, phone number and email of your website manager and we’ll take care of the rest!

Broadcast videos on your Waiting Room TV

Show videos in your store on an iPad/Learning Corner

To download the iPad App on your iPad:

          • Touch the App Store Icon
          • Search for MTMVideos
          • Install the App

Note : the App you dowloaded from the App store is a container only, and does not include the content (the videos). To download the videos on the MTM Videos App:

          • Launch the MTM Videos App
          • Enter your MTM Videos username and password

The content will start downloading right away Please be patient as it will take several minutes downloading serveral HD videos, especially if you have a slow Internet connection. If during download your Internet connection stops the download will also stop. However all downloaded content will be on your iPad and you will not have lost it. From within the APP simply press ”Update” and downloading will resume. You’re ready to use the best iPad App for pharmacists!

You don’t need Wi-Fi in your store to show videos on the iPad. However, a Wi-Fi connection is required to: Install the MTM Videos app and download the videos on your iPad to get started Email the videos from the iPad Update the app and download new video content Although it’s not required, a Wi-Fi connection in your pharmacy will really help you get the most out of your MTM Videos app.
Please note that in order to update your iPad, you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. To update an App: 1 – Touch the “App Store” Icon on your iPad 2 – Touch Updates at the bottom of the screen Select the App to update (MTM Videos) 3 – Enter your iTunes code To update health videos within the MTM Videos App: 1 – Launch your MTM Videos App 2 – Touch the screen and slide your finger down. A new window will appear at the top of your screen. 3 – Press Update at the top right corner. If health videos need to be updated, they will download automatically.
The Guided Access mode, available with iOS 6 and later versions, limits the iPad to one app by disabling the Home button so your customers can’t browse other apps. This ensures that the device is used only to watch patient education videos.
Uninstalling the app is very simple: Touch any app in the home screen and hold it for a few seconds until all icons start to wiggle. A small “X” appears at the top left corner of all the icons you can delete. Touch the “X” of the unwanted icon to delete it. If no “X” appears in the corner of the icons or if you can’t delete the app, make sure that the option “Deleting Apps” is ON in the restrictions menu (in Settings/General/Restrictions).

Send videos from your dispensing software

A – Activate Send MTM Videos Emails From Within Your PioneerRx Software

In order for the information to be sent electronically from PioneerRx to MTM Videos, you need to activate this service from within your PioneerRx software.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1) Go to Location > My Location
2) Select the “Rx Device Options” tab
3) Click “New”
4) Select the “MTM Videos” device type
5) Check the “This device is active” box
6) Click “Save”


Once activated, the service will begin sending automatic emails to your customers the following day.

B – Send MTM Videos Text Messages From Within Your PioneerRx Software

1) Go to ”Rx Options”
2) Additional Options
3) On the Tags dropdown, click the insert button
4) Replace the prefix and suffix with whatever you desire
5) Send text message!

A – To activate the service, add a ”Check Mark” to your ComputerRx software

In File Maintenance > Business Information > Communication > Smart Interactions Setup.
See example below:

B – Don’t forget to add your patient’s email

MTM Videos has partnered with SRS Pharmacy Systems for the delivery of patient-specific medication information.
Patients may receive, automatically and effortlessly, emails with links to quality, health videos that will educate them on the proper usage of their medication or device and other facts related to their personal health.

More info? Please contact:

Promote MTM Videos in Your Pharmacy

Click here to download the list of videos and put it somewhere all your staff can see it.
Click here to download the In-Store Poster
Install it at the drop-off area to promote your new service to your clients