Disease State Videos

Our library of videos on disease states covers most chronic conditions and the importance of compliance. Each topic includes three to six short chapters (separate video clips) that explain what the health condition is and how to treat it.

  • Save time performing your MTM sessions (Medication Therapy Sessions)
  • Enhance patient compliance and provide health education
  • Increase CMS Star Rating

Device Videos

Our library of videos on health devices provides step-by-step explanations on how to use technically challenging devices such as inhalers, auto-injectors, and blood glucose monitoring systems among others.

  • Help patients better understand how to properly take their medications
  • Deliver consistent information while improving patient adherence
  • Save precious time during consultations

Supplement Videos

Our library of videos on nutraceuticals are designed to inform your patients of drug induced nutrient depletion and suggest appropriate supplements. Popular topics include Probiotics, Statins, and Metformin.

  • Offer a professional, non-aggressive way to share educational information and explain the side effects of some medications
  • Generate new profits with add-on sales of high margin supplements

TV Videos

We’ve recently added videos specifically designed for your waiting room TV: high-definition (HD) resolution, no sound and easy-to-read on screen text! Topics include health conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol and many more.

  • Transform waiting time into learning time
  • Promote your pharmacy services
  • Generate additional revenue
videos (and growing)

Educate For Better Health

MTM Videos’ goal is to improve patient adherence and facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers. Engaging and informative content drives our business.

With animation and visual aids, we explain disease states, how to use certain devices, how certain drugs work in the body, drug induced nutrient depletion and suggest appropriate supplements.

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